What makes Harbor Bluffs Living Magazine different from all other print, digital, or internet marketing is that we incorporate personal social networking into every aspect of our business.  It’s that personal interaction and contact that sets us apart. We believe strongly that whether you're building a business or building a community, neither will succeed without building strong relationships.


Creating a publication that residents love to read and find value in is very important to us, and it is very important to our sponsors, knowing their ads are being seen. Equally as important as their physical ad, is the opportunity for our sponsors to meet and interact with our friends and neighbors, one on one, at our monthly neighbor's nights out, or any of the many events we put on all year long. We love bringing people together and build lasting relationships and true friendships. Just some of the more recent events include HBL Annual Cruise to the Caribbean,  countless charity events we sponsor and or promote, HBL Party in the Park…a family event for all residents and sponsors, HBL Blood Drive, Food Drive, Yoga in the Park, Pilates in the Park, Self Defense Classes, and so much more. These events always bring out someone new, a new friend a neighbor you didn’t know you had. It’s the little things that bring people together.


We are always trying to help our sponsors increase their business both in the neighborhood and outside. We only work with the best of the best, so it only made sense to bring these business owners together to form our own networking group. So, each month we meet at a different location for our HBL Sponsors breakfast. It’s an opportunity for us all to get together and mingle, get to know each other, and talk/brag about our businesses and to refer each other business.