At Harbor Bluffs Living, we're not just a magazine, we're just so so much more! 


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House Parties
HBL Launch Party with over 350 attendees
HBL Neighborhood Cruise
A fun and exciting trip for our residents and sponsors
HBL Food Drive -RCS/Anona
Our residents and sponsors are awesome. We helped organize and gather truckloads of food from our wonderful community.
Blood Drive
So successful we had to turn people away! Can't wait until our next one!
Neighbors Night out
Our monthly neighbors nights out are so fun. Its a great opportunity for neighbors to mingle and meet each other as well as the businesses that sponsor our magazine.
Welcome Baskets
It's such a pleasure to welcome and provide each new homeowner that moves into our neighborhood with one of these beautiful "Welcome Baskets"
Sponsor Networking Breakfast
Every month we we have invite all of our sponsors to come together for breakfast to mingle talk about how we can help each other build our businesses and have a little fun together.
Yoga in the Park
We always looking for new ways to get people out of their houses and meet new people in the neighborhood. Yoga has been a big success!
Party in the Park
In coordination with the Homeowners Assoc. our first party in the park was amazing. Musc, food, all kinds of vendors, and over 400 neighbors and friends!
Charity in all we do!
We are very active in many local charitable organizations, with Hands Across the Bay, RCS, The Haven Domestic Violence Shelter, and Miracles Outreach being the our most active.
Self Defense Classes
Self Defense Classes provided by Tom Gurganus of Burn Fitness
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House Parties

HBL Launch Party with over 350 attendees